Coconut Powder range offered by us is reckoned for its long lasting freshness and good taste. This array of powder is used to save cooking time and effort in commercial as well as in domestic kitchen.
Raw Spices
Raw Spices provided by us have been produced from well chosen whole spices. These are used to enhance taste, nutritional value and texture of different dishes. Free from impurities, these have long storage life.
Grounded Spice Powder
Grounded Spice Powder offered by us is accessible in 200 gram packaging option. This powder range has been produced from whole spices like chili, black pepper, turmeric, cinnamon etc. This product range has long storage life.
Blended Spice Powder
This array of Blended Spice Powder is useful to minimize time and effort needed for cooking.  Produced from well chosen ingredients, this range of spice powder has vital role in improving texture and taste of different dishes.
Provided Chickpeas are known for their long lasting freshness and high nutritional value. These are huge sources of minerals, fiber and vitamins. These are effective in balancing body weight and in improving digestion.
Our range of Tea is reckoned for its distinctive aroma, taste and leaf size. Enriched with antioxidants, this product range is reckoned for its premium quality. Our product range is cost effective.